Flexitouch Clinical Efficacy

Clinical Evidence for Flexitouch Lymphedema Treatment

Clinical studies show the effectiveness of Flexitouch pneumatic compression therapy.

Flexitouch has been proven to:

JAMA Dermatology Study 2015

Tactile Medical- Flexitouch SystemFlexitouch was used in one of the largest studies ever performed to evaluate the impact of a lymphedema treatment on health outcomes and cost of care. The study demonstrated that the use of the Flexitouch System significantly benefited patients with lymphedema by reducing key adverse clinical events and healthcare costs. Click on the video to the right to learn more about how the Flexitouch delivers proven results and improves at-home care for lymphedema patients.


Learn how Tactile Medical's Flexitouch lymphedema treatment system reduced key adverse clinical events and healthcare costs width=


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2010 Tactile Medical Research Study 2012 Tactile Medical Research Study 2013 Tactile Medical Research Study 2014 Tactile Medical Research Study 2015 Tactile Medical Research Study 2015 JAMA Tactile Medical Research Study

Clinical Evidence for Flexitouch

Clinical studies that demonstrate the proven effectiveness of Flexitouch therapy.

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Clinical Testimonials about Flexitouch Treatment

“The Flexitouch device is able to provide superior in-home management of chronic edema.”

Feedback from clinicians about Flexitouch treatment.

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