Flexitouch® System

Clinically Proven to Reduce Chronic Swelling Associated with Lymphedema


The Flexitouch System is an advanced intermittent pneumatic compression device (lymphedema pump) used by tens of thousands of patients to self-manage lymphedema and nonhealing venous leg ulcers.

Based on the physiological principles of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), Flexitouch directs fluid away from affected areas of the body to functioning regions where it can be managed properly. Flexitouch is clinically proven to stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce swelling and reduce the rate of hospital and therapy visits.


Key Product Features:

  • Customized Treatment Programs: fifteen treatment programs to meet each patient's unique treatment needs
  • Clinically Proven Therapy: improvements in treatment, quality of life and cost savings evidenced in numerous research studies
  • Range of Garment Sizes: easily adjusts to fit the unique anatomical contours of each patient
  • Up to 32 Curved Chambers: continuous sequential inflation and deflation to redirect fluid to healthy regions
  • Numbered Push-and-Click Connectors: quick and simple hose assembly

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Clinicians - Learn More about Ordering Flexitouch

The Flexitouch System is backed by a substantial body of clinical evidence. When at-home treatment is effective, patients are more likely to use the treatment consistently. Learn more about ordering the Flexitouch System for a patient.

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Patients - Answers to Your Flexitouch Questions

The Flexitouch System can be easily used at home to help manage lymphedema symptoms. Learn more about whether the Flexitouch is right for you.

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