Entré System

Basic Compression Pump for At-Home Treatment of Chronic Swelling

The Entré System is a basic pneumatic compression device used for the in-home treatment of venous disorders, such as venous insufficiency, venous stasis ulcers and lymphedema. The Entré System delivers intermittent sequential compression therapy to reduce blood pooling and excess lymphatic fluid. The Entré System has multiple settings to deliver a prescribed treatment customized to meet the patient’s needs.

The Entré System offers a pneumatic compression solution for patients who need a simple pump or who do not qualify for an advanced compression device such as the Flexitouch System. The system meets the Medicare requirement for reimbursement of HCPCS E0651.

Learn how the Entré System works

Product Features

  • Unilateral and Bilateral Therapy Treatment Options
    Gradient sequential compression, delivered at various pressure ranges.
  • Twice the Number of Chambers
    Eight inflatable chambers, compared to the four offered with similar devices, work in a distal to proximal direction.
  • Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity Garments
    Available in a range of sizes to meet patients' needs.
  • Easy-to-Use Controller
    Simple interface enables proper and simple use of the device.
  • Easy-Grip Features
    Zipper pull strings and garment loops ease donning and doffing, even for patients with physical challenges.
  • Soft, Comfortable Fabric
    Soft garment fabric provides comfort during therapy.