How ACTitouch Works

The ACTitouch system combines intermittent pneumatic compression therapy and sustained gradient compression therapy in one easy-to-wear device. The device inflates to preset pressures to ensure consistent, predictable compression, regardless of variations in sleeve application. To deliver effective compression throughout the day, the system monitors pressures every 30 minutes, adjusting the inflation in response to anatomic changes.

Product Features

The ACTitouch system is designed to accommodate a wide range of leg shapes and sizes and can be worn under regular clothing and with most shoes. In sustained compression mode, the compact, lightweight device gives patients the freedom to stay active while experiencing the benefits of dual-compression therapy.
  • Integrated Control Unit
    Permits freedom of movement during sustained compression
  • On/Off Button
    Simple, one-button design for ease of use
  • Mute Button
    Suspends pressure adjustment function in sustained mode
  • Therapy Tracker
    Tracks and displays average daily use to help reinforce therapy goals
  • Rechargeable Battery
    Provides full day of sustained compression on a four-hour recharge
  • Wrap-Around Sleeve with Hook-and-Loop Fasteners
    Quick and easy self-application and removal for bathing and sleeping
  • Moisture-Wicking Padded Undersock
    Protects potential pressure points and reduces risk of chafing
  • Four Air-Filled Chambers
    Conforms to leg contours for a comfortable, therapeutic fit
  • Power Adapter and Charger
    Powers intermittent compression therapy and recharges battery