ACTitouch Patient FAQ

What is the ACTitouch sleeve made of?

The sleeve is nylon and polyurethane. The product is not made with natural rubber latex.

What is the ACTitouch sock made of?

The sock is a cotton/poly blend (35% polyester, 35% cotton, 28% nylon and 2% elastane).

What is the warranty? What happens if the ACTitouch stops working after the warranty?

The warranty for the control unit, sleeve and adapter is one year.

Do I ever need to remove the control unit from the sleeve?

No, you will not need to remove the control unit from the sleeve.

What if I can’t get my shoe on after applying the ACTitouch system?

Always put on a shoe before pressing the ON/OFF button and beginning the startup sequence.

Should the ACTitouch system be left on overnight?

No. The ACTitouch system should be applied immediately upon waking and be worn at all times during the day except when bathing/showering and when driving or operating machinery. The system should be removed just prior to going to bed. Recharge the unit for at least four hours by connecting it to the power adapter and the AC outlet. Consult with your health care provider for other nighttime compression options.

How long does it take to inflate the sleeve in sustained mode?

It takes approximately 3 ½ minutes to fully inflate the ACTitouch system.  Stay seated during the inflation of the sleeve.

What happens if I accidently inflate ACTitouch before I put it on my leg?

Shut down the device and restart it after you ensure it is properly fitted on your leg.

When I move or stand the ACTitouch system appears to be pumping frequently. Why is this?

When you move, the pressure in the chambers change according to the way you shift their weight as you walk. The pumping noise is the system automatically increasing or decreasing the air to consistently maintain pressures required for therapy.

How do I start the Intermittent Compression mode?

Plug in the AC power adapter to the sleeve and the wall outlet then press and hold the ON/OFF button for two seconds to start the Intermittent Compression mode.

Is there a way to quiet the device so that it will not disturb others during a movie or meeting, for example?

The ACTitouch system has a “mute” function that you can select for up to two hours at a time.  If you need to have the system quiet for longer, press the mute button after two hours to resume the mute feature.  Limit the time that you use the mute function, because the control unit will not adjust the pressure, potentially impacting treatment success.

How long do I need to charge ACTitouch between uses?

The controller should be charged at least four hours every day. A green light illuminates on the charger to indicate when it is fully charged.

How do I get additional socks or a replacement power adaptor?

You can purchase a new power adapter by contacting Tactile Medical Customer Service at 866.435.3948.  The cost of a new adapter is $25 shipped via UPS.  The cost of a three-pack of socks is $36 shipped via UPS. Shipping via other carriers is available for an additional fee.

Can I use a different charger with the ACTitouch system?

No, only use the AC adapter provided.  Use of any other adapter may result in damage to the ACTitouch system.

Will the ACTitouch system be damaged by X-ray/scan at airports if packed in carry-on luggage?

No. It is safe to travel with the ACTitouch system.

Can I wear ACTitouch while flying?

Can I wear ACTitouch when driving or operating heavy equipment?