ACTitouch® Adaptive Compression Therapy System


Adaptive Dual-Compression Therapy

Sustained compression applied with compression wraps has long been the standard for treating venous leg ulcers. However, clinical studies show that combining intermittent pneumatic compression with sustained gradient compression improves and accelerates healing.2,3,15





ACTitouch On the Go Treatment for Venous Leg Ulcers

ACTitouch therapy is ideally suited for patients who:

  • Have ulcers resistant to healing 7
  • Are noncompliant or intolerant of compression bandage systems 8,12,14,17
  • Are immobile or have impaired calf muscle function8,11,17

The ACTitouch Adaptive Compression System, designed and tested by practicing clinicians, combines intermittent and sustained compression therapy in one easy-to-wear device. No similar products are available with this unique set of features and benefits. Shown to safely and effectively reduce edema and heal venous leg ulcers, the lightweight and compact ACTitouch system helps patients stay active while receiving dual-compression therapy.4

Improved patient compliance

Patient compliance with treatment directly impacts the outcome of compression therapy effectiveness.4  The difficulty and discomfort of wearing compression modalities makes consistent home treatment challenging.

  • Built-in compliance tracking feature
  • Can be worn under clothing and with regular shoes
  • Ease of application and removal facilitates bathing and unencumbered sleep

Reduced cost and staff time

  • Less training and application time
  • Fewer patient visits required
  • Washable and reusable undersock eliminates wasted materials

Speeds venous leg ulcer healing

  • Offers sustained compression as well as intermittent compression
  • Air-filled chambers conform to leg for comfortable fit
  • Continually monitors and adjusts pressure during use

ACTitouch Therapy Tracker

Patient compliance is further supported by the ACTitouch Therapy Tracker. The tracker automatically records and displays average daily use in each of the two compression modes, providing clinicians an objective means to assess patient usage and reinforce therapy goals.


Clinical Evidence for ACTitouch Treatment

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