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The Actitouch adaptive compression therapy system offers both intermittent and sustained pneumatic compression in one easy-to-wear, ambulatory device. Dual-compression therapy is clinically proven to improve and accelerate venous ulcer healing while safely and effectively reducing edema.1,2,3

Key features

Consistent, Sustained Gradient Compression
Actitouch achieves targeted levels of compression, regardless of variation in application or swelling flucuations.
Adaptable Compression
Recalibrates every 30 minutes to ensure therapeutic levels of compression, adjusting to accommodate for reductions in edema throughout the day.
Convenient Intermittent Pneumatic Pump
Simply plug Actitouch in and it mimics the calf muscle pump to reduce venous stasis and interstitial edema, creating a positive wound healing environment.
Verifiable Patient Compliance
Actitouch has a built in compliance monitor to assess patient usage and reinforce therapy goals. Studies show patients are highly compliant with instructed wear times.4
Improved Quality of Life
Actitouch patients experience significantly improved quality of life.4 Actitouch does not impede daily activities like showering, sleeping and wearing regular shoes.
Comfortable and Easy-To-Use
Actitouch uses wrap-around hook and loop application, then inflates comfortable air-filled chambers that conform to the leg to create the needed compression.

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How it Works

Actitouch mimics and augments the calf muscle pump to reduce venous hypertension.

Actitouch is a 4 chamber pump that uses a unique dual compression system, offering patients both clinically proven therapies in a single device.

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) is used for 2 hours per day while the foot is elevated and actively promotes venous return.

Consistent Sustained Gradient Compression is worn all day (at least 10 hours) while the patient is active to augment calf muscle pump function.

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Within three weeks of receiving Actitouch therapy, Doug’s ulcer had reduced in size by 50–60 percent. 14 weeks later, his wound had decreased by 80 percent overall. Having lived with persistent pain for years, Doug finally has hope.


After years of disappointment, Charlie, a maintenance mechanic, tried one more option: the Actitouch system. Just a few short months after receiving the device, Charlie is amazed with the outcomes.


Incorporating Actitouch therapy into Lois’ daily routine changed everything—the ease of applying the system, paired with the significant decrease in persistent pain, edema and drainage, allowed Lois to remain compliant with her therapy.

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