Patient Stories

Patient Experiences with Our Products

Patients share their experiences about their conditions and how using the Flexitouch® System or ACTitouch Adaptive Compression Therapy system has helped improve their health and quality of life.

Flexitouch Patient Stories

Amy’s Story

Amy Santiago was an active child, most of all loving to dance. She thought it was that love that led to her legs swelling to the point she could not wear her regular shoes. She later found out, it was her lymphedema.

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Janie’s Story

Janie Finn is a successful businesswoman that lives a very active life. And when she found out she has lymphedema, she was determined not to let it slow her down.

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Melvin’s Story

Neither Melvin or his physicians were quite sure why his legs began to swell beyond control. But once the word "lymphedema" was offered as an option, he took control and has never looked back.

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Mari’s Story

Mari developed lymphedema following breast cancer radiation treatment. She refused to become lost in the medical system or become a victim of the challenges of lymphedema.

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Faye’s Story

On the day Faye learned she had lymphedema, her doctor told her she may have had it most of her life — possibly since she was a young child.

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Annette’s story

Annette’s Story

Annette’s lymphedema affects both her legs. She had to quit her job to manage her condition. Just months after she started using the Flexitouch system, she was able to accept a new job.

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Courtney’s Story

Courtney, a high school student, noticed swelling in her leg after dance practice. Once diagnosed with lymphedema, she worried about how the condition would impact her appearance and activities.

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deanna's story

Deanna’s Story

Deanna has lymphedema in her right leg. As a lymphedema therapist and patient, she brings a unique perspective to her profession. She finds relief for herself and her patients using the Flexitouch System.

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Vern's story

Vern’s Story

Vern was diagnosed with lymphedema 37 years after radiation for testicular cancer. He decided he would not let the swelling in his leg interrupt his sports activities or sales career.

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ACTitouch Patient Stories

Douglas’s Story

Douglas, a retired Vietnam War veteran, suffered from a painful nonhealing wound on the front and back of his leg. He now uses ACTitouch and says he feels better than he has in 30 years.

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Jim’s Story

Jim’s story began more than two decades ago. “I was diagnosed with deep venous thrombosis in 1991, and complications just got worse over time. I have been dealing with wounds on my leg for 15 years,” Jim related.

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