Flexitouch® Health Plan FAQ

These frequently asked questions address the Flexitouch system.

Is the Flexitouch system a new device?

The Flexitouch system is not new. It has been helping patients for over a decade.

  • Received FDA clearance to market for lymphedema in 2002
  • Entered the market in 2003
  • Received additional FDA clearance in 2006 for treatment of nonhealing wounds

How does the Flexitouch system compare in cost to other pumps?

The Flexitouch device is billed no differently than other HCPCS E0652 pumps.

  • Pneumatic controller unit (HCPCS E0652) and Arm garment (HCPCS E0668) or Leg garment (HCPCS E0667) for full leg or (HCPCS E0669) for half leg
  • Payer allowable amounts for these codes are accepted payment rates
  • Tactile Medical is willing to discuss a contracted rate
  • Both Medicare and the VA cover the Flexitouch and limb garments

Is the Flexitouch system available without chest or trunk treatment?

Yes, the Flexitouch system can provide limb-only treatment in the same manner as other pneumatic compression devices.

  • Flexitouch is available with or without the use of chest or trunk accessories
  • Multiple programming options allow for treatment of the limb-only or limb and core (chest or trunk), based upon individual patient need as determined by the prescribing clinician
  • Chest and trunk accessories are available options that, when ordered, are included in the arm or leg treatment solution

Is the Flexitouch system only a ‘2-phase’ device?

The Flexitouch system is a programmable pneumatic compression device with calibrated gradient pressure (HCPCS E0652). The Flexitouch system’s application of pneumatic therapy is not limited to, or defined as, ‘2-phase.’

  • The Flexitouch system’s mechanism of action, like other pumps, utilizes a pneumatic controller connected by hoses to garments that inflate and deflate against the skin to help move excess lymph fluid out of the limb
  • Flexitouch can provide traditional distal to proximal limb-only treatment in the same fashion as any other HCPCS E0652 device
  • Flexitouch allows for a number of treatment configurations based on patient need. Flexitouch can do everything other pumps do, with the added benefit of specific programming to treat problem areas

How does the research on the Flexitouch system compare with research for other pumps?

Tactile Medical is proud to acknowledge that the Flexitouch system is the most researched brand of HCPCS E0652 pump currently available on the market. Most HCPCS E0652 pump brands have no statistically significant research. The Flexitouch system has studies that demonstrate its safety and efficacy.

  • Flexitouch the only HCPCS E0652 pump with a study comparing it with an HCPCS E0651 device.
    • A recent 12-week study on breast cancer-related lymphedema published in Supportive Care in Cancer shows that the Flexitouch resulted in an average 29% reduction in lymphedema, compared to a 16% increase in lymphedema in patients using the HCPCS E0651 device. While the sample size (36) is small, this is more than any other pump has done in terms of valid comparison research.
    • Click here to read this clinical study. — A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Two Types of Pneumatic Compression for Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema Treatment in the Home
  • Flexitouch has been shown to be safe and effective.
  • Flexitouch use results in high patient satisfaction and compliance.13
  • Flexitouch use improves lymphatic function.1