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Tactile Medical is the manufacturer and national supplier of medical devices designed for the home treatment of lymphedema and nonhealing venous ulcers. Our direct-to-customer business model eliminates the middleman distributor, allowing us to provide best-in-class customer service by working personally with all of our customers. For over a decade, Tactile Medical has been working directly with health plan providers, with a focus on helping clinicians and patients to understand payer requirements for our products. We are committed to serving your members by providing practical education to clinicians and patients and accurate data to payers, all with the goal of facilitating appropriate evaluation of each member’s treatment needs.

Commitment to Provide Clinically Proven, Cost-Effective Solutions

Diseases of the lymphatic and venous systems are chronic, progressive conditions that are often under-recognized and undertreated. Affected patients require lifelong, daily treatment to manage these serious conditions. If left untreated these conditions can progress, resulting in marked disability, nonhealing wounds, recurrent infections, increased immobility and pain, and other costly health complications.

Tactile Medical is committed to providing cost-effective home therapy solutions that are proven to be effective in treating these debilitating conditions, to enhance patient compliance.

Competitive Contracted Rates

Our no-distributor model eliminates “middleman markup,” allowing our experienced contract team to negotiate very competitive rates for our products. Currently we have contracts with health plans representing over 200 million covered lives. Contact our Contract Department at with questions or to initiate contract discussions.

Flexitouch – The most clinically researched pneumatic compression device available

The Flexitouch system, a segmented, multi-chamber, calibrated pressure pneumatic compression device has effectively treated tens of thousands of lymphedema patients.

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