Health Plan Coverage

Tactile Medical partners with clinicians and health plans to ensure that patients receive the most effective home treatment available to them. Tactile Medical works with third-party payers across the country. Our products are reimbursed by the majority of health plans, including Medicare, Veterans Affairs and private health plans representing over 200 million lives.

Tactile Medical’s experienced reimbursement specialists have developed an efficient process to work with patients, clinicians and health plans. We streamline all components of the insurance process, focusing on customer service and patient advocacy.

How to Place an Order for Your Patient

Orders can be placed by faxing a patient facesheet to 866.435.3949, through your Tactile Medical sales representative or by using the pneumatic compression module if you are a WoundExpert EMR customer.  Specific information about payer requirements for different insurers and health providers is located on the left navigation bar.