Clinician Testimonials

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Flexitouch Testimonials

Bridget Bela, OTR, CHT, Lead OT
North Carolina VA, Asheville, NC

Now that the Flexitouch is listed on the Federal Supply Schedule, I am able to offer this option to my veteran patients with chronic edema. The Flexitouch device is able to provide superior in-home management of chronic edema. My patients that have received the Flexitouch have had remarkable outcomes and are very satisfied and comfortable with using the device at home.

Nancy A. Hutchison, MD
Medical Director for Cancer Rehabilitation and Lymphedema
Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute and Virginia Piper Cancer Institute, Minneapolis, MN

I find the Flexitouch to be very beneficial for my patients with lymphedema who cannot maintain a stable volume reduction. The Flexitouch gives them an effective tool to use in their homes to manage their lymphedema successfully.

Robert Harris, HND, RMT, CLT-LANA
Director, Dr. Vodder School-International

The Dr. Vodder School has invited Tactile Medical to inform therapists about the Flexitouch compression pump devices at our advanced trainings for certified therapists. While we do not endorse specific products, it appears that a lot of thought has been put into the development of the Flexitouch as an adjunct to Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT). We still recommend that therapists use MLD before and after the use of pumps and several of our experienced therapists have utilized the Flexitouch pump both in practice and research.

Steven Dean, DO, FACP, RPVI
Program Director, Vascular Medicine, Director, Cardiovascular Medicine’s Non-invasive Peripheral Vascular Laboratory, Ohio State University Medical Center, Columbus, OH

I distinctly recall one patient with post-mastectomy lymphedema who was referred to me after failing a year of aggressive therapy with CDT/MLD and a contemporaneous traditional pneumatic pump. After just one treatment application with the Flexitouch, immediate subjective and objective improvement in her lymphedema ensued. She was elated and highly appreciative!

It appears that the unique Flexitouch system has the potential to change the treatment paradigm for managing the challenging lymphedema patient in both clinic and home-based settings.

Kenneth Osorio, MD
Advanced Vein Center, Mesa, AZ

Patients who are using the Flexitouch have actually personally thanked me for helping them to get the system. My patients report being very compliant with the Flexitouch and I feel that this is an improvement above the previous pumps I have used. This is evident in that their conditions are improving, and the patients report to me that they feel better since they have been using the Flexitouch System.

ACTitouch Testimonials

Anthony J. Comerota, MD, FACS, FACC
Director of the Jobst Vascular Institute Program Director, ProMedica Toledo Hospital, Toledo, OH

ACTitouch delivers consistently monitored graded pressure while it is worn. The ability to provide intermittent pneumatic compression with the same device offers incremental patient benefit previously unavailable with a single compression unit.

Matthew Garoufalis, DPM, FASPS, FACFAOM, CWS
Associate Chief and Assistant Residency Director, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center

The ACTitouch is easy for the doctor and easy for the patient. It’s a no-brainer.